Spring Greetings!

Welcome to Emilia's portfolio. Don't hesitate to contact me, or to inquire about commissions!

A thumbnail showing a phone in front of a book, a different version of the book page is showing on the phone screen A thumbnail showing an illustration of a man with a sheperd's staff glancing up at the viewer A thumbnail showing an illustration of a woman looking upwards, her mouth firmly shut as air bubbles escape from her nose A thumbnail showing an illustration of a robot face that looks like a blank mask with yellow glowing slits for eyes and an antenna A thumbnail of an illustration of a fancy looking blond girl singing A thumbnail of an illustration of two people smiling while kissing, their lips sewn together A thumbnail of a poster, the words are cut off but you can see a flower shape behind them A thumbnail showing a logo of a small figure huddled under a mountain with a red cross icon over them A thumbnail of an illustration of a creature in a suit, its head is the skull of a horned animal A thumbnail of an illustration of a woman smiling peacefully with a flower and a bow in her hair, the background is a colourful collage of flowers and lace-like patterns A thumbnail of an illustration of a man peeking through his fingers, the lineart is reddish and shadows are a spottled green texture A thumbnail of an illustration of a man touching his face while a gem with gold ornaments floats over his other hand A thumbnail of a poster with white flowers framed by white cirlces A thumbnail of an illustration of a white bell-shaped flower in a magical-looking forest A thumbnail of an illustration of a brightly grinning girl with thick braided hair and a ribbon

Susanna, an AR Book

Experimental Media Production Final Project

Susanna, an AR Book was created as my final project in Experimental Media Production. It's an AR book using animated characters to add an extra layer to a physical book, and was made to test what I could do when combining the software I wanted to use with AR.

You can find the project on my itch.io page.


Stumbled Upon

Personal Illustration

A man sits among a herd of sheep. He's got green wavy hair and round glasses and looks surprised to see the beholder. His clothes are soft and earth-coloured, and he's holding a sheperd's staff with a bell and a red ribbon waving in the wind. The sheep all have different expressions, some comical.


Mermay Illustration

A mermaid-like machine with thin slits for eyes in an otherwise expressionless mask of a face and wide, wing-like yellow fins.

An illustration made for Mermay, an event where you draw a mermaid in May. I followed a promptlist that gave you a prompt every day, and the prompt for this one was robot.


Lilja Terranova

Character Design

A character design sheet of a blond aristocrat woman. She looks a bit haughty and sings.

A reference sheet I made for a character for a tabletop RPG campaign. Lilja Terranova is an aristocrat musician.

An emblem with a blue crystal encased in bronze metal ornamental strings.


Inktober/Goretober Illustration

A kissing couple. Their lips are sewn together, but they look happy and relaxed.

In October I somtimes combine Inktober and Goretober to draw horror-themed drawings in ink. The prompt for this one was "Sewn Together".


Pay Me For My Emotional Labour


A sticker that says 'Pay Me For My Emotional Labour' over a background with flowers.

For the 8th of March I was unable to make it to a Women's March, but I still wanted to do something, so I made a sticker and put it on a poster wall.

A sticker that says 'Pay Me For My Emotional Labour', its surface shimmers. A sticker that says 'Pay Me For My Emotional Labour', on a poster wall.


Concept Presentation Video

The Porthos concept was a group project created during an Interaction Design-related course, and I created this prototype video for it.

A skiier, skiing shakily.
× A demon in butler-like clothing with flower pattern accents is flustered as a puppy dog pulls at its trouser leg.

Demon Servant

Personal Illustration

The washi tape used as floral pattern was designed by Gloomyhome.


In Flora, Fortitudinem


Drawn for Inktober, I drew the lineart of the woman by hand and then manipulated and decorated it digitally.



Mermay Illustration

A Merman with huge fins with colours reminiscent of poppy flowers. He's obscuring his face.

An illustration for Mermay, an event where people draw mermaids in the month of May. I made a colour variation for this one.

A Merman with huge fins, the colours are muted.


Atelier Lydie & Suelle Fanart

A man with short silver hair lies on his stomach. A pink crystal with golden ornaments floats over an outstretched hand, and his other hand partially covers his face. A golden, spine-like accessory runs down from his neck along his own spine, and his eye glows mysteriously.

The Atelier game series is one of my favourite game series, and Alt's spine decoration and gloves were really fun(ny) design elements. I also like this particular item design of the ornate floating gem.

× A naked woman looks upwards, looking pained. Her head is encased by a bubble of water, and her hair floats around her inside it.


Inktober/Goretober Illustration

Drawn by hand with ink and manipulated digitally for the Goretober prompt "drowning."

× The image is covered by small white flowers. A white circle is in the middle, and the text 'EmergencyBattle' in a cursive font.


Graphic Design

Edited from a photograph I took during a trip to Denmark.


Fairy Bell

Personal Illustration

A white, bell-like flower stands in a mysteriously glowing forest.

Drew this one while experimenting with ways to draw background illustrations.


Happy Holidays

Hatsune Miku Fanart

Hatsune Miku with long green hair tied into a ridiculously large hair wreath fastned with a red ribbon so it frames her face grins brightly.

A holiday illustration where I wanted to make Miku's hair look like a wreath.