If you want some custom art, you're in the right place! If nothing here appeals to you, but you still want to support me, you can check out the about page. If you want to see more art, head over to my portfolio!

This is the description of the process for ordering commissions if you're a private person buying an art commission for non-commercial purposes. If you're a company; if you want to use the art for marketing or commercial purposes; or if you want something that isn't specified on this page, such as interaction design services or a website, please send me an email with a description of what you want so I can give you a quote. If you're just a regular human being who wants a neat picture, proceed!
A pink hamster with round glasses smiles, three hearts floating around her.


Thank you for your interest in my art!

This page contains information about what kinds of commissions I offer and the commissioning process, as well as for what you can or can't use these commissions for. Please read through the instructions before sending an inquiry. Currently I accept payments via PayPal or through invoice (higher fees apply, feel free to inquire about this option by mail). You do not need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal, but you do need to be in a country from which PayPal accepts payments, and have access to a credit card which PayPal accepts.

If you have any questions or have any concerns that are not addressed on this page, feel free to contact me at and I will do my best to answer.

What Can I Use This Art For?

In short, you can use this art in any way you want as long as you're not making money on it, and as long as you don't claim that you made it yourself. Credit is much appreciated, but not necessary. In exchange, I will also be able to use it in my portfolio and to post on social media, but I won't use it for commercial purposes. I will credit any characters to their owners when posting.

You can use it for social media avatars, phone backgrounds, print it out and hang it on your wall, whatever! As long as you don't make money on it, it's cool.


You may not use it for marketing purposes, such as using it on any social media accounts used primarily to promote a product, service or company, or any activity that generates income. This includes monetised videos, streams, using a commission as album art, etc. If you want to commission me for art to use for commercial purposes, send me an email for a separate quote!

Jesse from Team Rocket pouts at her phone, looking slightly bothered.
A man sits among a herd of sheep. He's got green wavy hair and round glasses and looks surprised to see the beholder. His clothes are soft and earth-coloured, and he's holding a sheperd's staff with a bell and a red ribbon waving in the wind. The sheep all have different expressions, some comical.

Digital Art

Digital art commissions are drawn with only digital tools.

Here are the base prices for digital art commissions.

Cropping Lineart Colour Background
Head 20€ 30€ 35€
Waist 30€ 40€ 50€
Fullbody 50€ 70€ 100€

Traditional Art

Traditional art commissions are drawn by hand with physical tools such as pencils, pens and markers or watercolours or paint. I also like incorporating collage elements on occasion, if the image calls for it. If you have any preferences either way, don't hesitate to mention them!

Here are the base prices for traditional art commissions. If you want the physical drawing shipped to you shipping costs will be added. Add your country to the inquiry email if you want to know estimated shipping costs.

Cropping Lineart Colour Background
Head 20€ 30€ 35€
Waist 30€ 40€ 50€
Fullbody 50€ 70€ 100€
A girl with green skin smiles. Her hair and dress looks like a succulent plant. The background is covered in pink, green and blue pastel strips of tape with mostly floral motifs and flower stickers.
A demon in butler-like clothing with flower pattern accents is flustered as a puppy dog pulls at its trouser leg.

How to Request a Commission

Once you've looked over the options and decided an option you're interested in, you send and email to with the title "Commission Request". In the email, you state the selected option and what you want the content of the commission to be. Please include written or visual references if you want me to draw any specific characters, animals, plants or items. However, if you want me to draw something more general like "a black cat" without any specific wishes about characteristics, that's not necessary. Please do include some descriptive words about what you want the mood of the artwork to be, something like "sweet", "dramatic", "scary" or "funny", and if you've opted for an option with a background, please include reference images or a brief description.

Once you have sent the email, please allow me some time to get back to you. While I will do my utmost to respond as quickly as possible, I am but a single person with my own obligations to attend to. However, if you feel like it's starting to take too long, you may of course contact me to make sure I got your commission inquiry to make sure it has reached me.

Once I've had a chance to review the complexity of your request, I will reply to it and confirm the price. The prices listed on this page are the base price, and might be increased if your request is more complex than usual. Things that may increase complexity include additional characters, characters with complex designs or very detailed backgrounds. Still, don't hesitate to send a description of your dream illustration. Even if it becomes outside of your price range, we can discuss other options together. If we can't come to an agreement you are free to withdraw at this point without any obligations.

If we come to an agreement over content and price, I will ask for half of the money upfront. This is to ensure that your interest is serious before I start any work, and to pay for the first part of the process: sketching a first draft and offering you a chance to request changes before I finish the artwork. For traditional illustrations, I will send you a pencil sketch for you to review, and for digital works I will send a sketch of the lineart, or lineart and colour blocking, depending on the option you picked.

If your feedback is simple I will simply incorporate it into the illustration. If you have a lot of things you want to change, I will adjust the final price for the illustration and ask for your confirmation that you wish to proceed. At that point, you have three options: proceed with your changes and accept the new price, decrease the scope of your changes and keep the original price, or cancel the commission. (However, please note that the half of the money you paid upfront will not be refunded as it was to pay for the design process up until this point, and that work has already been carried out as per our agreement.)

Assuming you do not choose to cancel, I will then do the art!

Once the artwork is finished I will send you an invoice for the rest of the money, and upon confirming that I have received your payment I will send you your commission. Optionally, I can send you traditional commissions to you by mail, in which case shipping costs will be added. The cost will vary by location, so if you want to have artwork shipped to you please include your country when requesting a commission.